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Project Management

Members of our project management team have an average industry experience of over ten years.


Our project management team comprises highly experienced personnel in the industry who have a track record of handling a wide range of projects and can provide the “best-fit” solutions to clients for various types of projects.


We are well versed in Mandarin and English which allows smooth communication with various professional parties to ensure that the project instructions are correctly executed.



A creative design can help companies to convey messages to shareholders and enhance the corporate image of



Our professional design team committed to developing a quality designs concept for our clients and dedicated to assisting our clients in obtaining achievements in international competition.

Typesetting &


We have a large pool of experienced typesetters and proofreaders who have an average industry experience of eight years.


Our professional team endeavours to develop various typesetting programmers to speed up the flow of AAs.



With our experiences, Formex providing valuable suggestion on the combination of printing production. Like Paper selection, Printing effect, Binding.



Our translation department comprises professional translators who are experienced in Chinese/English translation and localisation of various financial documents and provide accurate translation services efficiently.


In addition, we also work with renowned financial translation companies to allow more flexible resources allocation. We understand that there are special terminologies used in different sectors and we can produce a glossary upon client’s request to facilitate the translation needs of the client.

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